Houghton Lake

HLSA wants to make sure that your child is safe during their time with us.  Accidents do happen.  Please make sure you know what they are.  As with any sport, there is a risk of your child getting a concussion.  Make sure you're prepared.
If you signed your child up online, you may have been directed to this page to print off documents.  Please read, sign and turn the documents back into us as soon as possible.  Your child can not start practices or participate at all until we have this on file. Thank you!

For more information of concussions and how to recognize them, please visit the following link:

Looking to Volunteer?

We appreciate the support of our coaches and families!

***Volunteers NEEDED for Field Lining 4/5/2020 starting at Noon
Please message us through Facebook or send us an email (posted below)***

Volunteers are needed for Fall - dates/times coming soon! 

Volunteer opportunities:
*Helping with in person Registration events
*Help lining the fields
*Helping with fundraiser opportunities

Contact HLSA at hlyouthsoccer@gmail.com